A world without cars

Can you imagine a world without cars?

Cars have given people greater freedom of movement, allowing them to work at a distance from where they live, and to travel for recreation. However, despite the advantages they offer, cars have many drawbacks. They are, for example, among the biggest sources of air pollution. We pay a high price for the convenience offered by the private car in the form of road accidents and traffic jams, unhealthy lifestyles, and dependence on constantly rising fuel prices.

Various technical, organisational and legal measures can help to reduce the negative impacts of car use, at least to the point at which cars no longer interfere with the normal functioning of the human body or damage the environment.

Electric cars have started to become part of everyday life. They are used by private businesses and for short trips within the city (e.g. taxis and pizza delivery). Some petrol stations have installed facilities for charging electric cars.