Fresh fruit juices help safeguard health

Fruit juices contain concentrated vitamins, and the best juices are those that are freshly squeezed. The fewer preservatives, artificial colours and sweeteners a juice contains, the healthier it is.

Freshly made fruit compotes, fruit drinks, fruit salads and fruit cocktails are all great for your health.

Fruit juices have active natural properties, so when you select a fruit drink, especially one containing concentrated fruits, make sure it will suit your physical constitution.

There are many non-alcoholic beverages available in the shops, including flavoured carbonated water, juices, kvass (a fermented drink made from rye bread), drinks made from berries (“mors”), drinks made from dried fruits (“uzvar”), as well as teas and coffees. All these beverages are based on water (whether natural, mineral or carbonated), which is essential for life. They may also contain beneficial elements (such as natural juices), although some contain additives that are used to preserve the product or improve its flavour or colour. They are all approved by sanitary and food services for use as food additives.

If you’re looking for the tastiest, healthiest drinks, pay attention to the labels and find out what the drinks contain. Try to buy locally produced drinks that are certified as organic.

Although the fermented drink kvass is considered as a non-alcoholic beverage, it may contain up to 1.2 percent alcohol.

It’s also worth taking a note of the packaging, as drinks are best sold in glass or ceramic bottles. These are also easiest to recycle. If you buy a plastic bottle, make sure it’s disposed of properly for recycling.