Clothes and shoes

Dressing for the season

Clothes and shoes protect our bodies from the climate, shielding us from frost and heat, as well as from dust and abrasions.

We all need to purchase a reasonable quantity of clothes and shoes, but we should be aware that unnecessary purchases will only deplete our financial resources without improving our quality of life.

When choosing clothes and shoes, pay attention to the material they are made of, the way they were manufactured, and the possibilities for recycling them after use. You can buy a fur coat, for example, or you can buy a light coat with synthetic insulation, which is just as warm. But bear in mind that thousands of animals are slaughtered to produce fur coats, while the synthetic insulation was made from recycled polymeric waste.

Public movements for the exchange of used clothes and footwear have recently been gaining popularity in Ukraine. It’s a great way to update your wardrobe, save money, and cut waste.