Alcoholic beverages

Moderation is best

Alcohol has been consumed for thousands of years and is closely woven into the culture and religion of many peoples and nations. The lifestyles and customs of the inhabitants of the southern oblasts of Ukraine and Transcarpathia, a region where there are many vineyards and orchards, are linked with traditional winemaking. Western and central oblasts, where hops and barley are grown, are famous for producing various brands of beer. Strong vodka and mead are an indispensable feature of Ukrainian epic literature and Cossack tales.

Society has always respected honest winemakers and healthy alcoholic products, but has always condemned the misuse of alcohol, drunkenness, and the offensive behaviour that goes with it. The moderate production and consumption of alcohol are signs of a responsible attitude to both personal health and family welfare.

If you do consume alcohol, bear in mind the potential damage to your health if you overindulge. Children should likewise be protected from the harmful influence of alcohol.