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The value of bees

Modern civilisation would be unimaginable without bees. Their contribution, in the form of pollinating agricultural crops, far exceeds the value of all the other products they provide, from honey, beeswax and pollen, to medicinal bee venom, royal jelly and propolis.

Environmental degradation is leading to a massive decrease in the bee population, and their extinction is now a global environmental threat. One of the main reasons for the fall in the number of bees is the widespread use of agrochemicals, which accumulate in pollen and nectar. Whole apiaries can die after consuming contaminated pollen and nectar. In addition, chemicals are weakening the bees’ immune systems, and diseases and parasites are spreading among them as a result of human activities.

Electromagnetic fields from mobile connections have been proved to significantly impair the bees' ability to orientate during flight.

Setting up a beehive in your garden can have a dual benefit. Efficient pollination will increase yields of fruits and vegetables, and you will also be able to make your own delicious honey, which is a source of many vitamins and microelements that also has medicinal and bactericidal properties.

Besides, watching bees at work is a fascinating experience.

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