Farm-grown mushrooms are safer

Mushrooms are a popular food, and they are traditionally picked and eaten in Ukraine. However, every year there are tragic cases of mushroom poisoning. Among the mushrooms that grow in the forests are poisonous varieties that are extremely hazardous and can prove fatal. There are also conditionally poisonous varieties that require appropriate preparation to make them safe, as well as mushrooms that have absorbed hazardous environmental pollutants.

To keep yourself safe, remember the following rules:

  • Never ever pick unknown mushrooms in the forest.
  • Do not buy mushrooms from stalls by the roadside.
  • Always ask to see a health certificate or certificate of radiological control when buying mushrooms from official traders.
  • For the safest option, buy mushrooms grown on special farms. In Ukraine, the Agaricus (common mushroom) and Pleurotus (oyster mushroom) are typical.
  • Read the factsheet to find out more about mushrooms.