Medicinal plants and forest fruits

Gathering medicinal plants and wild berries

Ukrainian forests, marshlands, steppes and meadows are rich in various plants that are traditionally used for their medicinal properties. Many pharmaceutical drugs are manufactured from natural raw materials.

However, intensive and careless collection have resulted in many plant species becoming rare. We need to be responsible in our collection of such plants to ensure that nature will continue to provide us with this important resource for generations to come.

If you would like to grow wild herbs by yourself, you should learn the rules of collection and preservation, and take into account the calendar date of collection, in order to ensure the efficient use of the plants' medicinal properties. It is a good idea to ask an expert for advice.

When buying herbs and berries from the market, ask to see a health certificate and a certificate of radiological control. Avoid buying wild herbs from informal markets or stalls at the roadside.