Computer use

Healthy computer use

It’s hard to imagine modern civilisation without computers. However, while making both life and work easier, the excessive use of computers can lead to a deterioration in brain activity, a reduction in working capacity, eye problems, and reduced strength.

Excessive Internet use can also have social consequences, such as loss of communication and social interaction skills, and may lead to depression and addictive behaviour. These are sometimes considered to be hazards that are simply part of our modern way of life.

The computer is one of the most common sources of electromagnetic radiation in the home. Although modern LCD monitors are safer than earlier generations of monitors, the system unit is still a source of radiation and should be located in the safest place possible, for example away from the head.

Laptops emit radiation from below, so it is an extremely bad idea to sit with them on your lap or stomach. The ventilation of the laptop is also disrupted if you do.