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Common frog

Rana temporaria

Up to 10 centimetres long, the common frog ranges from greyish brown through olive-green to yellow or brick-red. The number and intensity of dark patches on the back vary, but there is always a dark patch between the eye and front limb, and there is often a V-shaped patch behind the head.

The common frog breeds in ponds and other still or slow-moving waters. Outside the breeding season it lives on land. It is found across Europe, except for in the far south, and at different elevations, including high in the mountains.

In spring males are noisy and their croaking resembles the roar of distant motorcycles. The common frog spends the winter in a dormant state, often in mud at the bottom of ponds. It eats invertebrates as slugs, worms and snails on land and does not feed in the water.

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