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Brown trout

Salmo trutta morpha fario

The trout's fat, oblong body measures up to to 37.5 centimetres, and the fish have an average weight of up to 0.8 kilograms (sometimes as much as 2 kilograms). There is a small adipose fin near the tail. Greyish brown in colour, the fish have numerous red, black and white spots over their backs and on their yellowish-grey fins.

Brown trout are common in the mountainous water bodies of the Carpathians and Crimea.

A cold-water fish, the brown trout prefers fast-flowing, clean water that is rich in oxygen. In hot weather the fish become inert, stop eating and remain beneath stones. They are unable to tolerate wastewater pollution. Trout feed on insects and their larvae, other invertebrates and also small fish. They spawn in late autumn (October and November) in fast-flowing waters with stony bottoms. The female builds a nest from pebbles, where she lays 250 to 600 eggs. After the male has fertilised the spawn the female covers up the nest with gravel. The fish develop under this layer, which is washed clean of mud and dirt by the running water until the following spring. The young fish appear in April and May. Trout flesh is pink, tender and tasty, and valued as a delicacy. Commercial breeding is currently developing intensively.

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