Climate change

Climate change affects everyone

The impacts of global climate change are becoming increasingly evident in Ukraine. In the last 20 years, the average annual temperature has risen by around 1°С, and winters have become warmer, leading to changes in the rhythm of seasonal phenomena such as spring floods, the appearance of blossom, and snowfall.

Not only are droughts and floods becoming more frequent, but their harmful impacts are increasing, along with their economic consequences.

Rising temperatures also affect agriculture. The volume of water available for household, industrial and agricultural purposes is decreasing. Although no significant change in water availability is expected in Ukraine in the coming years, the situation is deteriorating due to the high level of pollution in the country’s rivers.

The risk of forest fires is increasing.

Snow cover is expected to shrink, and winters are expected to become shorter, affecting winter tourism, and especially Alpine skiing.

While attempting to mitigate our impact on the climate we must also adapt to the changes that are already under way.