Choose products that don’t pollute the water and soil

Some household detergents contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment. These chemicals are mixed with household wastewater from both apartment blocks and rural houses, before entering the wastewater treatment facilities. Wastewater is treated in various ways, including the use of active sludge. Active sludge contains bacteria that decompose organic residues. However, the use of antibacterial detergents kills these bacteria, thus compromising the effectiveness of the water treatment process. As a result, insufficiently treated wastewater is discarded into water bodies, leading to the process of eutrophication.

Washing powders that contain phosphates and phosphonates are extremely harmful to the environment, and human health. For clothes washing, it is far better to use phosphate-free detergents that contain trona or zeolite.

To protect the environment, bear in mind the following tips:

  • Check out the labels when buying household detergents and choose biodegradeable detergents that do not pollute the water, air and soil. These products will have environmental labels.
  • Reduce the amount of detergents you use.
  • Rediscover traditional methods of cleaning at home, using natural products.

Read the factsheets for some helpful hints and tips.