The Green Steps multimedia kit has been developed to provide Ukrainian civil society organisations, citizens, families and educators with original, accessible and attractive materials on sustainable development and environmental protection issues. This awareness-raising tool comprises an interactive DVD, downloadable pdf files, videos and a game, as well as an upgraded Green Pack. All these materials provide users with background information and practical advice on changing their lifestyles and behaviour.

The development of Green Steps was made possible through the cooperation and goodwill of the many individuals and organisations that contributed to its content.

Original concept: Kliment Mindjov, with support from Laszlo Falvay, Abe Han, Sylvia Magyar and Ferenc Navratil.


Green Steps multimedia

  • Locations: Yurii Baliuk, Oleksandr Bursanov, Mykola Chornyi, Leonid Firsov, Tamara Malkova, Kliment Mindjov, Valeriy Mykhaylenko, Olha Prutsakova, Irina Sankovska
  • Professions: Brendan Duprey, Nathan Johnson, Kliment Mindjov, Yuriy Velykoroda
  • Model stories: Oleksandr Bursanov, Mykola Chornyi, Leonid Firsov, Tamara Malkova, Kliment Mindjov, Valeriy Mykhaylenko
  • Factsheets: Kliment Mindjov, with support from Marina Dubina, Tamara Malkova, Jacek Schindler, Peter Szuppinger and Honorata Waszkiewicz
  • Encyclopedia: Mykola Chornyi, Steve Graning, Rachel Hideg, Stoyan Nikolov, Aleksandr Vintchevski, Uladzimir Zuyeu

Upgraded Green Pack multimedia

  • Leonid Firsov, Vita Kovtunenko, Tamara Malkova, Valeriy Mykhaylenko, Kateryna Shor

Art and design

  • Factsheets design: Sylvia Magyar
  • Illustrations: Laszlo Falvay
  • Encyclopedia illustrations: Aleksey Mikhasyuk, Ferenc Navratil, Stoyan Nikolov
  • Videos: Vera Kumpan, Ivan Kozhuharov, Sergei Mahov
  • DVD design: Ferenc Navratil
  • DVD programming: Janos Gasko, Abe Han, Ferenc Navratil
  • Ukrainian voiceover: Leonid Firsov
  • English voiceover: Rachel Hideg
  • Russian voiceover: Raisa Gerasina, Mariia Khovanskaia
  • Art direction: Sylvia Magyar


  • Ukrainian: Tamara Malkova, Valeriy Mykhaylenko, Yuriy Velykoroda
  • Russian: Tamara Malkova, Valeriy Mykhaylenko, Oleg Ostapovych
  • English: Yuriy Velykoroda

Editing and proofreading

  • Ukrainian: Tamara Malkova, Irina Sankovska
  • Russian: Valeriy Mykhaylenko, Oleg Ostapovych
  • English: Rachel Hideg

Project management

  • Kliment Mindjov

The photographs of plant, bird and animal species have been used with the kind permission of: Ivo Antusek; the Bakony Natural Sciences Museum of the Hungarian Natural Sciences Museum, Zirc (Magyar Természettudományi Múzeum Bakonyi Természettudományi Múzeuma), courtesy of various colleagues; BirdLife Hungary (Magyar Madártaniés Természetvédelmi Egyesület), courtesy of Zoltán Orbán; Budakeszi Vadaspark, courtesy of János Mezei; Budapest Zoo, courtesy of Gábor Simonyi; Mykola Chornyi; Jason Hollinger and Gerhard Koller, courtesy of; Assen Ignatov and scientists from the Bulgarian National Museum of Natural History; Faculty of Natural Sciences, Montenegro, courtesy of Drago Maric, Dragana Milosevic and Danijela Stesevic; NHK CosmoMedia Europe, courtesy of Montenegrin biologists Mijat Bozovic, Marina Djurovic, Bogic Gligorovic, Vuk Ikovic, Branko Karapandza, Branka Knezevic, Darko Saveljic and Ondrej Vizi; Wikimedia Commons, photographs released into the public domain: Seaq68, Skeeze, Maria-anne, Fuko, LubosHouska, By Karelj, Leonard G., Harka Ákos, Eric Engbretson, Roberto Pillon, ParMarco Busdraghi, Jörg Spelda, Hans S. Reip, Ulla Olivera-Biener, Luciano 95, Umberto Nicoletti, Tony Morris, Kenneth Cole Schneider, Nick Harris, saiberiac, Andreas Rockstein, Rudo Jureček, 5u5, D McG, Luz Rovira, Helen Haden, Rafael Ojea Perez, dims2012, Peter G, W Jones, Sergey Yeliseev, Vicky Brock, Mike Hazzledine, Mark Bloemberg, Marjan Kustera, Tomasz Lewicki, Tom Jutte, Smudge 9000, David McKelvey, Animal Diversity Web, Wikipedia, Christine Veeschkens, Nick Chill, Artie Kopelman, J. Spelda, patrick kavanagh, Lies Van Rompaey, Ben Seese, joanvicent, Marjan Kustera, Miltos Gikas, Gabriel González, Aah-Yeah, Rudolf Schäfer, Ettore Balocchi, 영철 이 (bastus917), Frank Mayfield, Forest and Kim Starr, S. Rae, Ferran Pestaña, Nigel Jones, Teemu Lehtinen, Donald Hobern, Tero Laakso, Andreas Rockstein, Michele Lamberti, Peter Trimming, Jorge Goicochea.

Most of the video clips of animals and plants were downloaded from YouTube.

The animal sound recordings are included with the generous permission of the Animal Sound Archive of the Museum fur Naturkunde, Berlin. They are protected by copyright and are not for commercial use.

We are very grateful to the following Ukrainian environmentalists and educators: Yurii Baliuk, Oleksandr Bursanov, Mykola Chornyi, Leonid Firsov, Vita Kovtunenko, Vera Kumpan, Tamara Malkova, Aleksey Mikhasyuk, Valeriy Mykhaylenko, Oleg Ostapovych, Olha Prutsakova, Irina Sankovska, Kateryna Shor and Yuriy Velykoroda, who contributed to the development of the Green Steps and the upgrading of the Green Pack.

We extend our sincere thanks to our donor and supporter, the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment. Their understanding and trust encouraged us throughout the months of hard work on Green Steps.